Bird Paradise High-Quality Blends

When you take your new feather family member home, of course you want to give them the best and treat them like your kids. The single most important way to give them the best is to feed them the best and correctly!
One of the perks of purchasing a bird from us is when we send our babies home, we like to send them with a care package of our custum blends of foods. When we say it’s our custom blends it means that you cannot get it anywhere exactly like we make it unless it’s from our store or our online store. We use our blends in store for our babies that we have in. They are raised on it and love it.
Our premium blends were carefully thought out with the health of not only your birds, but our birds as well. Since these blends were designed we have used them for every since bird that have gone through our doors. Our associates use these blends for their personal birds and encourage people to make the switch from terrible seed diets. Seed based diets are nicknamed the “Death Diet” because they cause some many health problems for the birds. The best thing for you bird’s diet is a mixture of fruit, nuts, veggies, and pellets.
Some of our blends include: Paradise Ultimate Blend (for Conures to Macaws), Macaw & Cockatoo Paradise Ultimate BlendAfrican Grey & Eclectus Paradise Ultimate BlendParadise Build-A-Blend (offered in regular and unsulfered, it’s a blend made without pellets), Benji Ultimate Blend (for small birds), and Delux Small Hookbill (for cockateils and smaller).
Our blends are made of fortified non-colored pellets, nuts, dried fruits, dried veggies, and herbs.Our blends were designed here, made here fresh, and used here on a daily baises. The reason you’ll never find our blends anywhere else is because the reciepe is a complete SECRET! Only a few employees know how they are all made! We believe birds are family memebers, so we treat them as such. We offer them high quality foods, toys, and care.

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